Work on the establishment of the Rotary Club of Hope Island commenced in 2002 and with the guidance of Past District Governor, Ian Yarker and the hard work of a range of people including Charter President, Keith Wilson and Warren Fowler from the Rotary Club of Runaway Bay (the sponsoring club) the club was eventually chartered on 26 February 2003.
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Past Presidents
Rotary Year President(s)
2002-03 Keith Wilson (†)
2003-04 Keith Wilson (†)
2004-05 Stewart Morland
2005-06 Peter Prouse
2006-07 Sandra Doumany
2007-08 Neil Heriot
2008-09 Jim Elmslie
2009-10 Phil Fairweather
2010-11 Rick Jewson
2011-12 Sue Marshman
2012-13 Mark Carter, Sam Doumany
2013-14 Sam Doumany
2014-15 Wanda Tereba, Keith Wilson (†)
2015-16 Clinton Ford
2016-17 Gareth Hunt
2017-18 Leigh Watson